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The Great Ocean Road

The start of The Great Ocean Road!

The start of The Great Ocean Road!

Perhaps the number one ‘Must-Do’ in Victoria, a trip along The Great Ocean Road is an amazing getaway and great way to experience the Victorian Coastline. The road technically stretches from Torquay to Adelaide, but you can hop on and off as you wish, and go whichever distance best fits your desires and timetable. Starting from Anglesea, I spent three days total along the coast, making Tower Hill my furthest point before turning back around. Here is how I spent my three days:

Happy Anniversary?


Exactly one year ago, I was driving the long stretch of road down Highway 5 from Sacramento to Los Angeles. At about the half-way point (near Harris Ranch), I got an attack which almost caused me to lose consciousness. The back of my throat closed up, my muscles started spasming, and I couldn’t breath. I pulled over to the shoulder, gasping for air, feeling like my lips were turning blue. As soon as it started, it stopped. Not sure what to make of it, I pulled back onto the highway and continued on my way. Thirty seconds later, the same thing happened, but with more of a vengeance, and I stayed huddled in the fetal position for a few minutes before chugging water and being able to stay conscious enough to turn around.

Check The Facts


I’ll admit that I’m slightly biased towards Dialectical Behavior Therapy, as this was the first therapy in which I became certified, and I currently work in a DBT center. With that said, I’m finding that while I’m using the skills during groups, I’m also focusing on them in my daily life as well.



“Life is trying things to see if they work.” —Ray Bradbury


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