Check The Facts


I’ll admit that I’m slightly biased towards Dialectical Behavior Therapy, as this was the first therapy in which I became certified, and I currently work in a DBT center. With that said, I’m finding that while I’m using the skills during groups, I’m also focusing on them in my daily life as well.

By far, one of my favorite skills taught in DBT is Check The Facts. This one resonates with me because I have a tendency to make up stories in my head about what other people are thinking or feeling based on what they have chosen to communicate with me. This in turn, generates a specific emotion based on my interpretations. Check The Facts is found in the Emotion Regulation module, because it’s designed to guide you in observing whether your emotional reactions fit the facts of a situation or event. This skill can then change your emotional response and/or thoughts pertaining to the event.

There are numerous worksheets and examples available for practicing this skill, or taking a past event and plugging it into blank spaces in order to visually see the emotional/thought connection. Understanding the emotion, for when the emotion is caused, and if the emotion is necessary, aids a great deal in observing how you react to something. It’s actually pretty fascinating to experience your emotions heightening or lessening based on following the model of Checking The Facts.